How to Fix It When Notifications Are Not Showing up on Android
By: Date: July 9, 2021 Categories: Android,How To

The app notification is the basic key feature of the Android mobile operating system as App notifications are essential for online businesses. Most of the work is about Whatsapp, Gmail, Facebook, etc and the missing notifications can be a disaster. If you are an Android user and have been using the Android operating system, you may have dealt with the Android notification not showing up the problem. Certain users have encountered issues about not receiving the app notifications until they open the app. In this article, we will see how to fix the Android Notification not showing up issue. Here are ways to fix the problem as the issue may arise due to glitches or bugs attacking the operating system like MIUI, EMUI, etc.

How to Fix It When Notifications Are Not Showing up on Android

Restart your Device

The basic technique used to troubleshoot the problem is to simply restart your device as it can halt all the services and the background processes that restrict the app’s ability to send the notifications. Before moving on to the next step, you must restart your Android device.

Check the Notification App

When you no more receive the app notification, it is important to examine if your app has notification access and permissions. You will not receive any notifications if the access to notifications is disabled. The app notification can be checked by visiting the settings, App. In the Apps, choose the app for which you want to receive the notification. Just click on the Notification, the Allow Notification option must be enabled.

Clear Data and Cache App

If the second option has not worked, try clearing the data and the app cache. Every app that is installed on the smartphone will have a cache of its own. If you are unable to receive the app notifications through the settings, try to clear the data and the cached app.

Update the apps

If your Android apps have not been updated, it is important to update them. If the apps are outdated, some of the features will stop working and these outdated apps will stop the popup notifications. Try to enable automatic updates for all your apps if you have access to unlimited internet bandwidth. It is advisable to update those apps that have stopped sending the notifications.

The power Saving Mode needs to be turned off

Even though the power saving mode on Android devices does not restrict the notifications, it will disable the Internet connection and the synchronization. Therefore, disable the power saving mode option on your Android device. Also, disable the Adaptive Battery option on Stock Android. You can find this option in the settings, Battery. The battery optimization for a particular app can also be disabled by

visiting the Settings,
Apps and Notifications,
Select the App name,
Battery optimization

The do not disturb mode must be disabled

After you have tried the above-mentioned methods, but are still unable to receive the notifications, you must check the do not disturb mode. All the services and the notifications from various apps will be muted unless the user has to whitelist them. Go to the settings, sounds ,and notifications, look for do not disturb mode. Disable it to rectify the Android notifications not showing up issue.

Enable the Background data

The disabled background data could be one more reason for blocking the Android Notifications. Check if the background data has been disabled. If it is disabled, you need to enable it for receiving any notifications. Only when you enable the background data, you will start to receive the Android notifications. For enabling the background data, go to settings, Apps and select your App, Data usage, the Background data option has to be enabled.

Check if the Do not disturb is enabled

This may seem a silly problem, but check to see if the do not disturb mode is enabled. If it is enabled, turn off the do not disturb mode to start getting the Android notifications once again.

Check the battery saving setting

This could be another common issue for not receiving Android Notifications. When the battery saver mode is turned on, it could block the app notifications.


The Android notifications may not show up because of various reasons. In this article, we have discussed the various methods to fix the Android notifications not showing up issue. Always keep your Apps updated, you could even enable the automatic updates for all your apps by using the Google play store. Hope this article, has guided you to solve Android Notification not showing up problem.