How to capture scrolling screenshots on Android
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Everyone who has a phone is living their life by taking screenshots because it helps to get the picture they are searching for, in fact, you can find the number of screenshots is more than an actual picture, because it is really helpful in times of need, and it is the quickest way to capture a moment or information from your phone.

But we always wanted to have a long scrolling screenshot as the current one can only take whichever is visible on the screen and not more than that but in some cases like for a bill, it would be great if we get to have a long scrolling screenshot. But how can we find that out and where that option is available. In some phones there is an option for recording the screen, called “Screen recording”, but we only need a long scrolling screenshot we will dive into it to find out more on how we can do that.


There are several ways sometimes it will be available on your phone itself but in some cases, you must download the external App to do the job for you. Thanks to Android Mobile Operating System, because it provides the users with more customization features and options. And having a play story is like having a library for Applications.
Some famous brands like Samsung, LG, Huawei, etc. give the build-it features, unlike other brands, in such cases, many external or third party Applications may save your day.

How to Take Long Scrolling Screenshot on branded Android Phones


• At the same moment, press and hold the ‘Volume down’ and ‘Power’ buttons.
• After you’ve taken a screenshot, go to the bottom left corner and select “scroll capture.”
• You must go through the process again till you reach the bottom of the page.


• Hold down the “Volume Down” and “Power Button” buttons at the same time.
• On the top right section, click the “Scroll option” below the preview box
• Automatically, a screenshot will be taken. When you’re ready, press the stop button.


• Hold down the ‘Volume Down’ and ‘Power’ buttons at the same time.
• When the screenshots preview shows, click the arrow button to the right of it.
• When you are ready, then press the stop button.


It’s worth noting that LG smartphones don’t yet offer the really useful auto-scroll feature. However, you may take extended screenshots by using the Extended Capture option. Here’s what you should do:

• Choose a web page and go to it.
• Pull down the notification bar, then locate and pick Capture+ from the drop-down menu.
• Return to the web page and, in the lower right corner, pick Extended.
• The screen will scroll once the process has begun. You can just tap to stop it once you’ve captured whatever you want.
• To save a screenshot, tap the tick in the upper left corner and choose a location for it to be saved.


• Find the screen you want to capture as a long scrolling screenshot.
• Equally pressing and holding the Power and Volume Down buttons.
• After a few seconds, an animation will show, indicating that the image has been successfully captured.
• Tap the Screenshot choice before the animation fades away.
• Your phone will begin scrolling straight down and adding to the original screenshot almost immediately. Then that will keep scrolling until you instruct it to stop by clicking on the screen.
• The scroll shot will be visible on your screen for you to examine. You can share, edit, or delete the image from here.

Using Google chrome

The most recent version of Google Chrome for Android can also take lengthy screenshots. The long screenshot, on the other hand, is still being tested, and you’ll need to enable the Chrome setting. Follow the below instructions to take long screenshots in Chrome for Android.

• First and foremost, update the Chrome app for Android on the Google Play Store.
• Open Chrome and go to Chrome:/flags once it’s been updated.
• Look for Long Screenshot on the Experiment pages.
• Select Enabled from the drop-down list next to the Chrome flag.
• When you’re finished, tap the Relaunch button to restart the browser.
• After restarting, go to the webpage you wish to save. Now press the three dots > Share button. Select the Long Screenshot option from the Share menu.
• That concludes our discussion. You’ve completed your task. This will bring up a cropped screen where you can select the area by scrolling up and down.

Other Apps
You can also use other applications available in the play store like LongShot, Stitch and share, Web Scroll Capture, Screen Master, etc. You can find the instructions on how to use these Apps in the About section few have given links to know about how the App works.

Hope this would have been useful for those who are struggling to get long screenshots. Happy long screenshotting!