How to change your mouse cursor to dark mode in windows 11
By: Date: January 11, 2022 Categories: How To,Windows

The dark mode is the best option to use during nighttime when you need to work for a longer duration. All your window apps will adapt to the dark theme when the dark mode is enabled. The advantage of using a dark mode is that it reduces eye strain, saves the battery life of your device, and improves text visibility. By using the Settings app, the user can customize color themes and system-wide dark mode which are featured in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Microsoft also lets the users modify the selected elements on the device. The mouse cursor style can be changed for adapting to the new theme of Windows 11. Black and white cursor colors are available on Windows 11. The pointer will be visible better when you use the white mouse cursor for the dark mode. In light mode, the black-colored mouse cursor can be used for enhancing screen visibility. In this article, we will see the steps for changing the mouse cursor to dark mode in Windows 11.

On your Windows 11 operating system, go to the Settings page and click on Accessibility

In Accessibility, choose Mouse pointer and touch. You can find this option on the right-side panel

Then choose Mouse pointer style and choose the Black cursor style

If you want to make any changes or undo the changes made, you can choose the default mouse point style and make the necessary changes

It’s that simple, your mouse pointer will now turn to black color by following these simple above mentioned steps

The same steps can be followed with Windows 10 operating system

The Windows operating system that has been upgraded lets you customize the interface as per your preferences

Use the Mouse properties

The first step is to click on the search icon and in the search, type Mouse Settings and press Enter

The next step is under the Related settings section, select the additional mouse settings

Under the Mouse properties, select the pointers tab and click on the scheme drop menu and choose the Windows Black( System Scheme)

Finally, click on Apply and then click on OK to save the changes made.


Changing the color of your cursor to dark mode is beneficial especially if you are working on your system for a longer duration. It will enable you to read easily and is helpful if you have a white background with black text. The users of Windows 11 can change their desktop background and personalize their computers interfaces by installing third-party applications that enable them to customize the system through customizable interfaces. The Windows 11 default cursor appearance can also be changed. There are both black and white color options available to choose from as the black cursor enables one to see the white screen and the white cursor on the black screen. It is also important to keep your system up to date and ensure that you are using a compatible Windows 11 antivirus as it can check any problems on your system.