How to Delete Pre-Installed Apps on Android
By: Date: April 20, 2020 Categories: Android,How To
android apps

Nowadays, many android phones come with various pre-installed apps. Their use is very general and not specific to the individual needs. Even though they do not take up much space yet, they are sure to slow down your phone after some time. Hence these unwanted pre-installed systems apps are often referred to as Bloatware. These unwanted apps cannot be removed through the traditional uninstallation process. The manufacturers want you to use these apps. Hence disabling them is not a quick and short process. But the best news is that it can be done. And most importantly, it is not complicated at all.

android apps

If you are not planning to use the pre-installed system apps on your Android, it is best to disable them.


i. Firstly ensure that the ADB is up and running on your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC.

ii. Download a free app known a the App Inspector on the Google Play store. Once installed, the app should be opened. The app will show the package name of the various pre-installed apps. From this, you can identify the internal name of the pre-installed app. So the package name refers to the file name that contains the app. If you are unsure of the package name or want to recheck, you can go to Google Play Store. Please search for the app from your browser and check its URL. It will show the package name.

Now, the step by step procedure to disable or uninstall without root is as follows:

1. Open the computer or PC and connect the mobile using a USB cable.
2. Launch the CMD/PowerShell in the directory. It should be done from where the ADB binary is stored. ( for Windows users, open the ADB binary folder, hold the shift key, and right-click on the blank space).
3. From the Right-click Menu, Select ‘Open Command Window here.’
4. Enter the following commands:

For Windows Command Prompt: adb shell pm disable-user –user 0 For Windows PowerShell: .\adb shell pm disable-user –user 0 For Mac/Linux Terminal: ./adb shell pm disable-user –user 0 Please note that in the bracket mentioned as {package to disable} enter the package name/internal name of the application that you want to be removed.

So as seen from the steps detailed above, it is very easy to disable the pre-installed applications on the Android device. However, sometimes after disabling some pre-installed apps, you might want to enable/restore them. To do these actions, the steps to follow are :

For Windows Command Prompt: ADB shell pm list packages -d
For Windows PowerShell: .\adb shell pm list packages -d
For Mac/Linux Terminal: ./adb shell pm list packages -d

The above action will show the list of the apps that are disabled. Note down the app’s package name that you want to be restored.


• Windows Command Prompt: adb shell pm enable • Windows PowerShell: .\adb shell pm enable • Mac/Linux Terminal: ./adb shell pm enable In the {package_to_enable} bracket, enter the required package name. That is all that is required in order to restore or enable the preinstalled apps on your android device, without any root permission.


Sometimes in the Playstore, the uninstall button will only uninstall the updates from the app and not the app. So you have to take the steps detailed above to disable it.

When you disable the unwanted pre-installed apps, you free up the much-wanted space in your mobile. It is not harmful to your device and will not affect your system’s performance. However, please be careful. If you disable any essential system app, your smartphone might become unstable or crash. So check and do the research thoroughly before disabling any app. You can also see how much memory and disc space they are using and then decide if it’s worth disabling. So take the necessary precautions and recheck thoroughly if the absence of these apps will not interfere with the function of your device and other apps installed on your phone.

For example, Gmail, Google Play Movies, or Google Play Music can be safely uninstalled. But the removal of the Google play store or any of its associated files might cause problems. If your phone has become unstable, you can reinstall the app by following the steps mentioned in this article.


Removing the Bloatware or unwanted pre-installed apps from a rooted device is straightforward. However, a few more steps must be done in a not-rooted device.

Once the apps are disabled, you need not worry about them. They will not run in the background or use any of your mobile data. They will also not affect the performance of your mobile device.

So please go ahead and disable the unwanted pre-installed apps. It is better to disable the pre-installed apps from your android device if you are not using them.