How to enable and use Google smart lock on Android?
By: Date: January 11, 2022 Categories: Android,How To

The Android smartphone comes with some built-in security features. The Google Smart Lock is also known as the Android Smart Lock, it is a feature that was introduced by Android 5.0 Lollipop. It has the Smart Lock feature apart from fingerprint, password, face unlock features. The Google Smart Lock feature is available on Android smartphones, but most users are not aware of the benefits it offers. With this feature, you don’t have to constantly unlock your phone when you’re using your phone after it has been lying idle for some time. This feature enables you to safely keep your phone unlocked for some time. This article will guide you about the Google Smart Lock feature and how to utilize it on your smartphone.

What is Google Smart Lock?

Google Smart Lock enables you to access your smart device quicker, as there is no need for the passcode every single time you operate your phone, it comes with a security feature.

On-body detection

By using this feature, the device can detect when you have your smartphone in your pocket or bag. It comes with different options, it is possible to enable on-body detection to prevent unlocking the phone when you remove it from your bag or your pocket. When you keep your phone down, it will be locked automatically so that you don’t have to keep an eye on it.

Trusted places

The Trusted Devices option lets the user choose the BlueTooth devices that they trust. When your Smartphone is connected to the Bluetooth device, there is no need to type the passcode as it can be truly irritating when your device gets locked when you are relaxing at home and every time you need to unlock it. By enabling the Smart lock by setting it to Trusted places like your house, your office, or any other place where you are comfortable, the phone is kept unlocked for an extended period. But, You must turn on the GPS which may drain your battery faster

Trusted Face

The trusted face feature was introduced by Android 4.0 that lets you unlock your phone by facial recognition. But, this feature was unreliable as anyone could easily deceive by using a photo of the owner to unlock the phone. This feature has come up with certain advanced smart lock features where your smartphone uses the facial recognition of the owner and interact with the notifications to unlock it

Trusted voice

The Trusted voice feature can be used with the voice command. When your device hears your voice, it will unlock itself if you have set up the voice detection option. This is again not a safe method as anyone who may sound similar to your voice might be able to unlock your device

Trusted devices

In this feature whenever your smartphone gets connected to a new device, it will ask if you want to save it as a trusted device. If you choose yes, your phone will be unlocked automatically when you connect to that particular trusted device

Chrome book Smart Lock

Enabling this feature on your Chromebook, if your Android smartphone is unlocked nearby it is also possible to unlock your Chromebook with just one tap

The Guide for setting up Google Smart Lock On Android device

Setting up the Smart Lock on your Android phone is quite simple as you follow certain basic steps.

Go to the settings on your Android device and click on the security option.

At the security page, click on the Advanced Settings or Smart Lock option

There you must type the pin, unlock pattern, password, or fingerprint on your device

There are plenty of Google Smart Lock options that are available, choose your preferred unlock option from among them

You can choose the Trusted devices, On-body detection, Trusted places, or set up Voice Match whichever you want to

To complete your Setup process, you must follow the on-screen instructions


There are different options to enable each method, the trusted places require a GPS feature that detects your location. Setting up the Google Smart Lock is quite easy on your Android device. Just follow the above-mentioned easy steps. The Smart Lock feature is safe to use than any two factor authentication. Hope this article has guided you to know how to enable and use Google smart lock on your Android smartphone.