How to enable Windows 11 style UI for Microsoft Office?
By: Date: January 11, 2022 Categories: How To,Windows

Windows 11 offers fresh and new things to the users. Microsoft has introduced the latest Windows 11 style user interface of office 365 and office 2021, it is now being available for the users. There are not many changes in the features while compared to the older interface. The design is matching with the latest design language that has been adopted by the Windows 11 operating system which offers a steady UX feature for Microsoft products.

It has rounded corners for ribbon menus and frames, a neutral color palette, clear style of online iconography. The updated user interface will change its appearance for the office apps like Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint. The latest Windows 11 Style user interface is available, but it may take some time to reach every user. This article can help you with a simple guide to reaching manually for enabling the Windows 11 style user interface.

Enabling Windows 11 style UI for Microsoft Office

Here are the steps to enable Windows 11 style user interface for Microsoft Office.

Open any of the Microsoft Office apps like Microsoft Word on your computer

As the app opens, just click on the File option. This is visible at the toolbar on the top

Now click on the Account option when the various options under the file settings become visible

In the product information section, you need to click on the Office Updates menu and again click on the Update Now button

After the update has been installed, the user must re-open the Office 2021 app

As the app reopens, click on the Trumpet icon. You can find this next to the windows control that is placed at the upper right corner

Try the new experience option should be switched on. You can find this under coming soon

The new user interface will be applied immediately

After making the above changes, you must restart the application


Windows continue to surprise users with its innovative features. It is the backbone of all global businesses. The Office experience will begin to use the new user interface that is promoted by the Windows 11 operating system. If you are unable to locate this new feature, wait for a few days or weeks to enable this latest feature. This can be enabled even in Windows 10.