How to Find Which Apps Are Using the Most Memory on Android
By: Date: December 20, 2021 Categories: Android,How To

We always wondered how our phone is getting slow or the memory is running out of space, there are possibilities that there could be a few apps that might be taking your memory space in the background without your knowledge they need to be shut down if they are not in use but how will you find out such apps which are taking up your space, we will have a brief content which can help you to identify such apps and shut them for good from ruining your phone.


To find out the Apps you must first need to turn on your Developer more which you do in the following steps.

Step 1: Go to Settings in your phone
Step 2: Find the About phone option and tap it to go inside.
Step 3: Tap the Build number 7 times once you tap the seventh time the Developer mode will be enabled.
Step 4: Now go back to the Settings and click System, at the bottom of the screen you should see the Developer option.
Step 5: Click Developer options and click the option called Memory
Step 6: As a result of tapping the option you should get the list of memory averagely used by the device in the past hours.
Step 7: If you want to find out for a specific time then click the Time frame which is the drop-down list box where you can choose your time.
Step 8: If you want to check the Apps memory usage then scroll down to find the option called Memory used by Apps.
Step 9: Tap that to find the list of Apps with the details of how much memory they have used.
Step 10: Memory used by Apps will give detailed information of each App and how much they are running in the background along with how much space they take.
Step 11: If you tap o the specific application e.g., Google it will give how is the frequency of use, how is the maximum memory is used, how much RAM space is used, other details for Search, Interactor, etc.

For other phones, there are very few steps that are needed to find about these pieces of information in their phone. They are explained below

Step 1: Go to Settings in your phone
Step 2: Find Memory or battery in our phone and then it will display the Apps which are draining the battery by running in the background and Space are taken in the Memory option by each App. This way you can find the Apps taking the space in your phone.

How to deal with such Apps consuming space in memory?

Now most of the time we might not need a few Apps which are running they might be really old, and you must have forgotten that they even exist in your phone for such Apps this is the solution
Find those Apps in the Memory Option once you click it will show various options go to Apps and you will find all details regarding an App of how much space they are using, how long they are running, and how much battery they used,

• Uninstall those Apps in few cases the built-in Apps can’t be uninstalled but you disable them but, in few phones, there is an option to put the App in sleep and you can wake it when you need that App.
• Try to clear your cache files to get more memory space, and try deleting pictures, images, documents, and any other files which are no longer needed for you in this way you can free up your memory space.
• Try transferring them to a hard disk, pen drive, store in the cloud, or any other memory packs you have so that you won’t lose your data later. But deleting those data will be more economical and they will give you more space than before you have. And it is advisable to clear your recycle bin now and then


Always remember that when you uninstall an Application make sure you report that to the developers in the comments/feedback section in the Play store so that they can improve it better for the next time. Keep your phone memory as free as possible for faster performance.