How to use Phone Camera as Webcam for PC
By: Date: December 20, 2021 Categories: Android,How To
android camera as pc webcam

Some may find it strange and unbelievable why anyone would want an android phone camera to use as a webcam for PC. Well, if you consider some of the reasons, you will not find it strange. Instead, you too will end up using your Android phone camera as a webcam for PC.

It is a known fact that the latest smartphones have all advanced camera features and lens to take the best photographs and videos. This is the age of Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom, and other videoconferencing apps. And now, because of virtual meetings and other vital actions being conducted online, it is best to make an excellent visual online presence. The best way that can be done is by using a super camera. However, most laptops or PCs do not put emphasis on the camera feature. Hence the camera quality on PC or laptops is not up to the latest standard. Herein the Android phone camera comes out as a savior. This is one crucial reason why many prefer using the Android phone camera as a webcam for PC.

android camera as pc webcam

Another reason is that, with smartphones constantly evolving, more and more people are changing their smartphones to get hold of the latest. So in such cases, they are sure to have at least one extra smartphone. So why not use it as a camera instead of keeping it lying idle? The camera in the smartphone can be turned into a security camera, baby monitor and be used as the computer/PC’s Webcam. This eliminates the need to spend on a standalone camera separately. These two reasons mentioned above are sure to pique your interest in converting the Android Phone camera to a Webcam.


• IP webcam Android App
• IP Webcam Application ( desktop client) for Android phone
• Chrome or Firefox Browser

Once the above prerequisites are done, please follow the below-mentioned steps to convert Android Phone Camera into a Webcam.

1. Firstly, after the IP camera Adapter is installed on the computer and the IP webcam Application on the Android device, open the IP camera app on the phone.
2. Here, many details such as username, password, screen resolution, etc., will be required to be entered. Please enter the details as needed and click on the ‘Start Server’ option. ( please note that by default, the back camera is used. However, if required, there is an option to use the front camera as well. However, the video quality will not be high)
3. At the bottom of the mobile screen, an IP will be mentioned. From the computer’s Chrome or Firefox browser, open this IP.
4. From the already installed IP camera Adapter on the PC, go to the ‘Camera Feed URL’ and enter the IP and Port details mentioned on the Android app on the phone. Then click on the option ‘Autodetect.’
5. The camera will start working and is now ready to be used. You can now open any app on your PC, such as Skype, WhatsApp, etc., and enjoy the video streaming from your Android camera to your PC.

Another method to turn your Android camera into a Webcam is by using USB. The process is as follows:

1. Go to the settings on the Android device. Go to Apps, then to Developer options, and then to USB debugging. This is a vital step to enable the debugging mode on the Android device.
2. From the Google PlayStore on Android, download and install the DroidCam app.
3. Via USB, connect the phone and the computer and allow the computer/PC to install the required drivers.
4. After installation of the client, select the ‘USB’ icon, which is shown just behind the WiFi in the windows client.
5. Click on the start button, and immediately, you will get to see the Android device camera on your PC. Please make the necessary placing adjustments to use it as a webcam.
This is all that is required to convert your Android device camera into a webcam using the USB. As can be seen from the steps detailed above, the process is not complicated. So instead of keeping your Android phone idle, use it as an efficient webcam.


Using your Android phone camera as a webcam for your high-profile zoom meetings or video calls is the easiest and affordable way. There is no need to purchase a high-end webcam when you can use the already available resources.
As webcams do not come very cheap, it is best to use the Android phone’s camera as an alternative for the Webcam. So, if you use video conferencing apps regularly and need to share your screen frequently, it is best to convert your smartphone camera into a webcam. So, do not despair if your computer does not have a webcam or if the one on the laptop is not working. You can quickly and conveniently convert your Android phone camera into a webcam for your computer.